Whether your business is growing or if it is ranked among the best. We have designed solutions for every need. Ranging from infrastructure switches to full high performance and safety. Always taken by the hand of our comprehensive advice.

Through our business alliance with Cisco we have the latest technology to achieve a unification through the integrating of telephone communication, instant corporate messaging, Web conferencing and status availability of users on a unified information platform, offering users a cutting-edge technology experience to the rhythm of this new era.


At a global level, all companies are organized unique and different ways between eachother as well as its automated systems of which have been extended at all levels of organizations, given the industry's largest application. This coupled with the importance of control and management of real-time information for decision-making, has created a need for full integration of information systems along with control and management of companies.

Therefore, the integrating of information taken from the instrument level or machine-level basis all the way to business and logistical level as a vital part for the strategic positioning of companies and business intelligence as such information puts you in control of its processes and transparency of them with production and performance information from the site you are at as well as in the format and content as expected specifically when it is necessary to make the right decisions in real time.

Based on international standards such as ISA S95, Nifersa IT develops corporate integrating information projects starting from from sensors, transmitters, PLC, RTU, DCS, past production levels, plant, up to the corporate level or business. Achieving information exchange between systems of finance, logistics, production, maintenance, quality and others.